What We Do


For very big brands, entering a small country is not a viable/ profitable option. There would be several unpenetrated regions where our expertise, experience, meticulous planning, and execution come into play. We can create a niche market for the big brands even in deeper and remote pockets across the globe. As we are experts in export/import laws, and international labeling standards and have a very huge network base in India with over 13 consolidation points, we can make your export to a new nation a hassle-free and perfect manner.

For many organizations, handling exports is a risky affair as it is associated with a lot of compliance issues and it also varies from one country to another. As we have rich experience and knowledge in this area, we act as Merchant Exporters for those who wish to spread their wings in the global market. Our teams are well-trained to make a tailor-made business for the manufacturers or brand owners by retaining their brand image/values.

For people who wish to import a new line of products or who want to be a net importer of FMCG brands, our team is ready to serve them to make exports and imports easy. Our association with big brands has enabled us in consolidating more than 2000 products including South Indian rice, basmati rice, lentils, spices, and many other commodities.

Currently registered with 13 ports, we have 13 consolidation points in India and consolidation happens from Ludhiana, New Delhi, Chennai, Mudra, Mumbai, JNPT, Kochi, Hyderabad, Vizag, and Kolkata. We consolidate containers from all over India.

We are having a well-equipped warehouse in Mumbai around in 6000 sq ft space for the consolidation of goods in Mumbai to bring and store from all over the stations of India.